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Set 22, 2006
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iSpy is a free software that provides security, surveillance and notification service using your cameras and microphones to capture and record the movements and sounds. All recorded files are compressed to flash video or mp4 format and are available online or through the built-in web server program.

iSpy can be setup to run on multiple computers simultaneously. You can use the embedded Web server or program website to view the recorded files, watch images from the camera in real time or to control and adjust iSpy remotely.

iSpy is a free, open source, so if you want extra features or anything else you can download the code and customize it to your needs.

Requirements: For this to work, iSpy requires Microsoft. NET Framework , Windows Media player 9 and VCM codecs (included in installer). License: Free (Open Source).

Official site

Download: iSpy x86 (34.01 MB)

Changes in iSpy
Added overlay controls to grid view for alerts and recent motion / sound mode Added auto-hold for talk / listen commands in grid view
Added autolayout / minimise option
Fixed a bug with maximise sizing with paired controls